vTools Production Patching – 9 June 2022

Please note: on Thursday 9 June 2022 between 9am and 9pm Eastern, there will be patching done on all vTools applications in Production.
During this time period, vTools users may may experience intermittent interruption. Please plan your work accordingly.
Email mga-im@ieee.org if you have any further questions.

May 2022 Releases

Events v6.14.0 has been released on 11 May 2022 and includes the following enhancements:

Improved navigation on the Events home page
Updated Time Zone menu
Including Societies in “Events Activity” OU picker
Ability to indicate whether the event is In-Person, Virtual, or Hybrid
UI enhancements to the WebInABox calendar feed …

vTools Local Groups v1.17.1 has been released on 9 May 2022

vTools Local Groups v1.17.1 included the following enhancements:
Improved User Interface for Approve/Deny Local Group request

Changed the wording to “Approve Request” and “Deny Request” instead of “Request Approval” and “Request Denial.”
Moved Approve/Deny functions to the right of the screen.

Show full names for Section and Region on …

January Releases

Announcing a new application, vTools Nominations, to help section volunteers select eligible candidates to be on the ballot for an upcoming election!

Section ExCom ability to appoint members to the nomination committee
Nomination committee to select designations for nominations, and chart the timeline of the nomination process
Members …

vTools.eNotice v2.3.0 has been released on 2 December 2021

vTools.eNotice v2.3.0 includes the following enhancements:
eNotice OU Officers mailing filter for Express eNotices

Option to select officers of an OU as the recipients
Officers of more than one(1) is permitted
Officer Position and officers displayed with checkbox to select
Officers recipient list is only available for Express eNotices
NOTE–  Target …