Creating new eNotices:

Creating an eNotice from an HTML File

Managing eNotices:


Click on the “PDF” links to download the tutorials in PDF format. Click on the “VIDEO” links to view the video tutorials.

  1. Listing of eNotices
    • eNotice Dashboard – Manage eNotice (PDF)
  2. Create eNotice
    • Create eNotice(PDF)
    • Create eNotice Express (PDF)
  3. Recipients
    • Add Recipients to an eNotice  (PDF)
  4. eNotice Message
    • Customize an eNotice From and Reply-to ( PDF)
    • Personalize an eNotice ( PDF)
  5. Preview and Confirm Express
    • Confirm Express delivery of an eNotice (PDF)
  6. Send Test eNotice ( PDF)
  7. Send eNotice using Events announcement information
    • Events-eNotice integration (PDF)
  8. Send eNotice to Registrants PDF )