• vTools eNotice
    IEEE eNotice is an electronic newsletter subscription service that has been developed for IEEE organizational units to facilitate email distribution of newsletters, meeting notices, social events and IEEE conference materials.  Please read the IEEE Email Terms and Conditions before accessing eNotice.
  • vTools Events 
    vTools Events is used for creating and managing local meetings. Officers can create meeting announcements by entering all relevant meeting information in one central place. Each created event is accessible at the vTools Events website and the events are automatically exported to various sites, including IEEE websites, Collabratec and IEEE Event Finder Mobile App.  Event registration, with or without credit card payment, is available. For more information on accepting credit card payments, visit https://vtools.ieee.org/accepting-credit-card-payments/ The meeting organizers can obtain instantaneous detailed registration information.
  • vTools Local Groups
    Request formation of a new informal group in your Section.  Perhaps there is a lot of interest in Blockchain or avid HAM Radio operators.  Form a Local Group to get like minds together.
  • vTools Nominations
    Enables Section volunteers to manage the nomination/petition process with a step-by-step, easy to follow process.
  • vTools Officer Reporting
    Officer Reporting is an online officer reporting tool that enables authorized volunteers to make modifications to the officer roster for a given Region, Council, Section or Chapter. The tool provides automatic validation and updates the central IEEE database.
  • vTools Voting
    Voting enables online officer elections for Sections/Chapters/Affinity groups. Please note that this is different from the general IEEE elections.
  • vTools WebInABox
    WebInABox uses a wizard to generate simple Section/Chapter/Affinity group websites that are automatically updated.
  • IEEE Membership Validator
    IEEE Membership Validator is an online utility that allows IEEE Volunteers and staff to easily and securely validate an individual’s IEEE member grade and Society memberships (note: the validator only returns member records which are currently active).
  • Additionally, a membership validation API is available for large IEEE approved conferences.
  • Surveys (SurveySparrow)
    MGA sponsors this survey tool for Regions/Sections/Chapters/Affinity groups. The tool can be used to quickly create online surveys using intuitive interface and distribute them via email, web link, etc. Survey Access Request Form.
  • OpenWater
    OpenWater is a tool used to collect, organize and evaluate online applications and submissions quickly and efficiently. Use for Awards & Nominations, Competitions, Scholarships & Grants applications. Contact us to learn more and get access. At this time, OpenWater is only available for Regions.
  • Remote Conferencing and Screencasting
    List of IEEE-recommended tools for conducting and recording remote or offline meetings and making them available for searching and viewing after the meeting. Includes information on accessing the tools, tutorials, and best practices.