vTools eNotice v2.4.0 included the following enhancements:

  • Ability to send to Society members in Region(s), Section(s)
  • Ability to load very large recipient lists (e.g. in Region 10)
  • When user does not have access to send to an OU, set eNotice to Pending and add Special Request for Staff
  • Ignore communication preferences when sending to volunteers/officers
  • Adjust UI for no emoji support – warn users if an emoji is included in the eNotice content
  • Alert and ability to disconnect reminder eNotice if parent is deleted or canceled
  • Info dialog for sending non-Express (Schedule Send) – when a user selects Schedule Send instead of Send Express, show a pop-up message asking if they are sure, and that there may be a delay in sending their eNotice.
  • Collect relevant mailing on Contact Staff form – this will allow MGA-IM staff to identify the mailing the user is referring to when asking for help.