vTools.Events v6.12 has been released on 29 April 2021

vTools.Events v6.12 includes the following enhancements:

Event Activity Dashboard – visual representation of events saved in vTools.Events.

  • Access via Event/Report Administration page
  • Selection of any geographic organizational unit and year to filter events activity information.
  • Charts and Breakdown information is presented based on the selected geographic organizational unit for the year selected.
  • The results include all related geographic organizational units  (i.e. chapter, affinity groups, student branch, student branch chapter, student branch affinity group).
  • Charts are presented as follows: events by category, virtual  events, by day of week and by week across one year ; Click on chart to download image of chart.
  • Breakdown includes: event category count (Professional, Technical, Non-Technical, Administrative, Humanitarian, Pre-U STEM)
  • NOTE: This feature presently does not support Societies. It currently provides results for geographic organizational units only.

Event/Report Administration now includes paging to show more results for recent, upcoming and draft events

Virtual information – an increase in the amount of information that can be saved in the “Virtual information” section of the events add/edit form is provided.

Registration confirmation emails include web conference information (i.e. WebEx, Zoom, Google Meet, Teams links), if saved with an event.

Events API – The Feeds option has been re-labeled “API” and provides more user documentation. For Legacy Feeds, authorized users now have an option to request custom feeds.

My Events portal – this page includes a list of all events an individual has registered for.

  • Anyone with an IEEE account – including non-members – can view all of their registrations in My Events.
  • To view their registrations, the user must be signed in to their IEEE account
  • If they do not have an IEEE account, the system will provide an option to create a free acocunt.
  • The list includes the user’s upcoming and past registrations.  By clicking on the event title, the user may view the details of the public event (i.e.Description, date/time, hosting organizational units, location, registration link,etc.)

Event Flyer – a PDF of the event can be generated by selecting the option ‘View Event Flyer‘ on the Manage page of an event.

As part of the NextGen project, vTools supports IEEE Treasury staff users in administering limited merchant account information solely for use by vTools payment functionality.

An Event’s registration status included in eNotices will accurately reflect the current status to the recipient of the eNotice.  When viewing the eNotice message, the recipient may see any one of the following registration statuses: “Registration is not yet open”, “Registration Open”, “Registration is closed”.  This status will match what is provided on the public view of an event in vTools.Events.
— With this feature, the viewer will easily know if an event’s registration is open or closed.

The footer includes the IEEE Ethics Reporting link

Events has been upgraded to the next version of Ruby on Rails

Please contact the vTools team at mga-im@ieee.org if you have any questions or concerns