vTools.Voting v2.4.0 provides the following enhancements:

  • Support for motions held by a geographic organizational unit
    • Volunteers may create and manage a motion ballot for a selected geographic organizational unit
    • Functionality includes: Preview, Print /PDF,email voters, view and update results online and downloaded
    • Results for motions include the abstention count online and included in the download
    • Updates to motion results are available, if needed.
    • NOTE:  Volunteers compose and send email to eligible voters using vTools.Voting.
  • Voting for a motion
    • Eligible voters will submit their votes for a motion ballot online using vTools.Voting
    • Every motion ballot includes the option to abstain.
  • Voting in an election
    • Every election includes the option to abstain
    • Volunteers can view the count of abstention online and results downloaded
  • Voter email messages sent through vTools.Voting include ballot-related information:
    • Title of ballot, start/end date/time and timezone and contact email address is automatically provided in the voter email message.
    • Volunteers may customize the voter email message sent to eligible voters using vTools.Voting.
      • On the Manage page there are the options: Email and Email Log
    • Volunteers have the ability to customize the voter email message, if desired
  • Ballot dashboards identify motions (i.e. gavel icon ) and elections (i.e. check icon)

Voting has been upgraded to Rails / Ruby 2.3.3

Please contact the vTools team at mga-im@ieee.org if you have any questions or concerns.