vTools.Voting is a project to allow members to submit votes in their Section/Chapter/Affinity Group Officer Elections online (please note that this is different from the general IEEE elections). The vTools.Voting project is offered by Membership and Geographic Activities as a part of the MGA vTools portfolio that provides sections with a set of volunteer-developed tools to assist them in managing their ongoing activities. Among system features vTools.Voting offers voter authentication via IEEE web accounts; intuitive user interface for creating election ballots; ability to create professionally looking ballots; ability to send voting reminders via e-mail; IEEE branded look and feel.

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Creating a ballot and loading list of voters:

Managing ballots:

Click on the following links to download tutorials:

  1. Ballot Dashboard (PDF)
  2. Create a new Ballot (PDF)
  3. Add a voter list (PDF)
  4. Preview Ballot (PDF)
  5. Email Voters(PDF)
  6. Manage Active Election (PDF)
  7. Change Election End Date (PDF)
  8. View Election Results (PDF)
  9. Update Election Results(PDF)
  10. Report Election Results(PDF)

Voter Instructions  (PDF)

Instructions for volunteers on managing a ballot and running an election (VIDEO)

Instructions for volunteers on getting a voter list  (PDF

Voter list template: Use this template only if  you need to create your voter list manually. Please note that the fields are “tab” separated.  All of the fields are required.






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